Fulfilio integration.

DataBot is ready to connect your business to Fulfilio.


DataBot currently supports the following workflows to Fulfilio:

  • Send Sales Orders
  • Send Purchase Orders as Advanced Shipping Notifications (ASNs)
  • Send Stock Transfers
  • Processing Goods Received advice
  • Product/item list syncing
  • Short/long shipping detection
  • Update Dear/TradeGecko/Unleashed with Order Status changes

DataBot can integrate your online store with Fulfilio, by connecting your centralised inventory management system to Fulfilio's warehouse system.

DataBot launched its Fulfilio connector in September 2019, and has performed end-to-end systems integration testing with the Fulfilio team to ensure seamless processing of sales order information and warehouse dispatch information.

Inventory management systems currently supported for our Fulfilio connector include DEAR inventory, TradeGecko and Unleashed.

DataBot continues to grow its client base in the retail and fashion and clothing sectors.

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