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NSW Liquor Logistics


NSW Liquor Logistics (NSWLL) is a 3PL company based in New South Wales, specializing in liquor logistics, transport, moving, handling, and storage. They prioritize excellent service, combining traditional values with innovative technology to deliver consistent results.

Company URL: https://nswliquorlogistics.com.au/


Experience: The warehouse manager has over 30 years of experience in the industry, ensuring expertise and efficiency in delivering exceptional results.

Fleet Coverage: NSW Liquor Logistics operates a fleet of vans and trucks, covering the Sydney Metro area daily, with the ability to deliver into Regional NSW and throughout Australia through Casella Express.

Innovative Approach: The company combines old-fashioned values with the latest innovative technology to provide outstanding results consistently.


DataBot can integrate your online liquor store with NSWLL, by connecting your e-commerce or sales order system to NSW Liquor Logistics' warehouse system.

DataBot currently supports the following workflows to NSW Liquor Logistics:

  • Sync Sales Orders, Purchase Orders and Stock Transfers
  • Product syncing
  • Processing Goods Received advice
  • Update Cin7/DEAR/Shopify with order status changes and tracking details

DataBot created its NSW Liquor Logistics connector in 2024, including end-to-end systems integration testing of workflows, including sales orders and dispatches, to ensure a seamless automation.

Inventory management systems currently supported for our NSW Liquor Logistics connector include DEAR/Cin7, Unleashed, Shopify, and more.

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