Peoplevox Integration Overview

Descartes Peoplevox (PVX) is a robust warehouse management system (WMS), used within a warehouse to manage the warehouse operations, such as picking, packing and dispatching.

The DataBot integration bridges the gap between PVX and inventory management systems like Cin7 (Core and Omni) and eCommerce platforms like Shopify.

The DataBot platform is flexible, and can be tailored to suit your business and operational needs.

Inventory Management

DataBot ensures smooth synchronization of product data from your IMS to PVX, whether as a one-time operation or on a recurring basis. Its flexibility allows for large degrees of customization for products syncing, to ensure that your PVX product set up is exactly as needed.

Other product syncing features include support for both dynamic and static kitted products, and hierachical product groups.

Products with Batch numbers and expiry dates are not natively supported in PVX. For such cases, Descartes offers alternatives like Pixi within its WMS suite.

DataBot also supports syncing product support data, such as supplier details, product groupings and kitting data.

Inventory and Stock Adjustment level change events, such as write-offs, cycle count adjustments and returns can also be synced from PVX to the IMS, as is best practice.

Order Processing

The DataBot platform ensures that your Sales Orders from your eCommerce store or your IMS, sync to PVX quickly and accurately, allowing your warehouse staff to process and dispatch orders efficiently.

The sales order workflow returns dispatch and tracking number details back to the eCommerce store or IMS, allowing your customers to be notified with the shipment tracking details.

Supplier Purchase Orders are synced from your IMS to PVX, allowing the warehouse to receipt goods as they arrive at the warehouse. Multiple receipts for each Purchase Order can be synced to your IMS, and DataBot can alert you about on under or over receipting.

Stock Transfers to or from your warehouse to other storage locations is also supported.

DataBot's flexibility ensures that order processing is tailored to your business needs. For example, different orders sources or types (eg, B2B vs B2C) can be handled differently, and carrier and service selection rules can easily be changed as required. This allows DataBot to support your changing business needs as your business grows.

Special Features

DataBot's PVX integration is fast. DataBot uses PVX batching, to ensure that, wherever possible, orders are processed in bulk. This means that a high volume of orders can be processed quickly.

DataBot supports multiple PVX sites (warehouse locations), including order splitting and routing orders based on product category, availability, or customer location.

Multiple Shopify brand sites can also be supported in a single integration.

Both static and dynamic product kitting is supported. DataBot can either send the product kit details or the kit component details to PVX.

DataBot has also implemented PVX's carrier service integration, if direct carrier integration is required for label printing. Currently only the Global-E carrier integration is supported but other carrier service integrations can be added on request.

PVX Integration Tips

Tip 1

Ensure that your product data is setup correctly and completely. This is the biggest issue with onboarding.

Specifically, ensure that:
  • Every product has a unique SKU.
  • Every product has a barcode setup, and that the barcode uniquely identifies a product (no barcode duplication)

Tip 2

Ensure that your accounting as well as your warehouse teams are involved in the PVX project implementation, to avoid late breaking requirements.

Tip 3

Test label printing early - it is one of the more complicated aspects of the implementation project to set up.

A typical PVX Integration Project

An engagement with DataBot starts with a discovery and requirements gathering process to determine how PVX is being used, or about to be used, within your business.

Throughout the implementation and through to go-live, DataBot will work closely with the PVX team to ensure you will get a successful outcome.

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