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Sep 2019

DataBot integrates to Fulfilio

DataBot continues to extend and expand its Inventory System to 3PL Warehouse platform with the addition of Fulfilio. Fulfilio provide eCommerce Order Fulfilment Services and Warehousing in Australia.

Integration to Fulfilio is now available to all Inventory Systems on the DataBot platform, include DEAR inventory, TradeGecko & Unleashed. Full details are available on the Fulfilio integration page.

DataBot is committed to growing to its platform by continually adding 3PL warehouses. If your business needs connectivity between your inventory system and your 3PL warehouse, please contact DataBot to see how we can help. Additional 3PL connectors are added on-request, at no additional cost to our clients.

Aug 2019

DataBot integrates to The Iconic

DataBot now supports online marketplaces, and is connected to The Iconic. The Iconic ( is an innovative online fashion marketplace in Australia.

Using The Iconic's API, DataBot is able to query The Iconic for new sales orders, and create these sales orders in your (eg DEAR) inventory system. Additionally, DataBot can also connect your inventory system to your 3PL warehouse, ensuring that orders from The Iconic reach your warehouse without any manual intervention. Tracking numbers and shipping statuses provided by the 3PL are updated in both your inventory system and in The Iconic.

The Iconic has strict requirements regarding order processing and shipping times, and has a system designed to encourage fast order processing and discourage poor customer experience outcomes. This system affects product search ranking results, favouring clients that have a proven history of delivering orders quickly, and penalising clients that don't. By automating order processing from The Iconic, DataBot will not only help you deliver a better online shopping experience for your customers, but can also help your business by increasing your products' visibility within The Iconic.

DataBot is committed to supporting our clients' business journey. By adding marketplaces such as The Iconic onto our platform, DataBot is now able to offer a simple way for our existing clients to expand their businesses by increasing their reach into new marketplaces.

June 2019

WhichAddOn introduces DataBot

WhichAddOn is a cloud solution and news provider - that like what DataBot is doing...

DataBot is a young Australian company, founded by Kathleen Black. Kathleen has many years experience running IT projects in the banking and finance industries, where reliable messaging is imperative.

When cloud integrator Coconut Consulting highlighted a gap in the market – that many inventory systems did not have 3PL connectivity – Kathleen seized the opportunity and built the DataBot platform.

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WhichAddOn: Introducing DataBot

May 2019

DataBot integrates to Williams Fashion Logistics 3PL

DataBot continues to extend and expand its Inventory System to 3PL Warehouse platform with the addition of Williams Fashion Logistics. Williams Fashion Logistics specialise in fashion and clothing warehousing.

Integration to Williams Fashion Logistics is now available to all Inventory Systems on the DataBot platform, include DEAR inventory, TradeGecko & Unleashed. Full details are available on the Williams Fashion Logistics integration page.

DataBot is committed to growing to its platform by continually adding 3PL warehouses. If your business needs connectivity between your inventory system and your 3PL warehouse, please contact DataBot to see how we can help. Additional 3PL connectors are added on-request, at no additional cost to our clients.

Apr 2019

DataBot turns 1 Year old

The DataBot platform went live in April 2018. In that time, we have fulfilled over 50,000 orders for out clients. To achieve this, we made over 500,000 API, and created over 50,000 files.

DataBot initially supported a single inventory management system - DEAR inventory, but we quickly added support for TradeGecko and Unleashed.

Similarly, the number of 3PLs that we support continues to grow. We regularly add new 3PLs to our platform, and will add new 3PLs if required by our clients. Each 3PL has different technology capabilities, and we now connect to 3PLs over FTP, SFTP, FTPS and Webservice channels.

DataBot is continuing to grow our platform, and we are currently looking at how we can help our clients further. Specifically, we are looking at integration with reporting solutions, EDI platforms, and other data transformation tools. Stay tuned!

Mar 2019

Tradegecko integration gets tighter, and introducing DataBot trials

It's been a busy month, and a while coming, but DataBot is happy to announce that we now support Oauth integration with Tradegecko. This means that existing Tradegecko merchants can now get connected to DataBot in only a few clicks.

In addition, Tradegecko merchants can now trial DataBot for 14 days to see exactly how the integration works, how our suite of task automation bots work to get your data to your 3PL, and how the rules engine works to ensure that only orders in the correct state are sent, and that they are sent with the correct data.

DEAR or Unleashed merchants who would like to trial DataBot can Contact Us too.

Mar 2019

Short ship detection

DataBot now support short (or long) ship detection. After your 3PL have shipped your goods, they create a manifest/dispatch file that contains, for each order, the list of items along with the quantity of each item dispatched.

DataBot can now automatically reconcile the dispatch manifest information with the original order information, on a per SKU basis. This ensures that if there are any discrepencies between what you asked to be shipped, and what was actually dispatched - DataBot will alert you straight away.

Mar 2019

Customer Testimonials

We asked our customers for testimonials. We are still gathering some responses, but here's a sneak peak at what some of them had to say:

We would definitely recommend DataBot as an integration system from our Internal Inventory System to 3PL. We look forward to continued improvements to assist us in our growing business.

Sue Bernardo, HipKids

DataBot has been an amazing partner to work with and has really helped extend service offerings to my business. When I’m designing a cloud solution for my customers, it’s great to know that I have the DataBot trump card in my back pocket. It enables me to offer 3PL connectivity as part of a solution.

Greg Kelly, Coconut Consulting

Mar 2019

Pressworks capability upgrade

Our Pressworks connector bots have been upgraded, and now support warehouse status updates being reflected in the inventory system.

It's now easier than ever to track the status of your orders as they ship - all from your inventory system.

Feb 2019

DataBot adds Cartonisation capability

Clients using the DEAR Inventory Management system can now use DataBot to create their Packs based on defined cartonisation rules.

DataBot’s Cartonisation feature, automatically determines the number of shipping cartons required for a single order based on pre-determined product and carton type configurations. Rules can be defined for the types of orders that need Cartonisation.

The feature includes the ability to specify what happens when there is a remainder. Automatic Pack authorisation can be enabled too.

The advantage of DataBot cartonisation is that you will save valuable time and effort on the Packing and Shipping of orders which are packed and shipped in a consistent manner enhancing your DEAR solution.

And best of all, you don’t need to be using DataBot for your 3PL integration to use the Cartonisation feature. Anyone who is using DEAR for their inventory management can take advantage of this feature.

We would of course, love to also integrate your DEAR platform with your 3PL!

Jan 2019

DataBot partners with TradeGecko

DataBot are excited to announce that we have partnered with TradeGecko, who provide the widely popular inventory management software for ecommerce merchants and wholesalers.

Our integration with this inventory management system lets you automate your order submissions from TradeGecko directly to your 3PL.

Key integration features include Sales Order Release, Purchase Order Release, Customer List and Product Lists sent to your 3PL automatically. Order Confirmation and Tracking Information related to shipments are sent back to TradeGecko. This provides TradeGecko clients with a complete integrated view of the status of their orders within TradeGecko.

We have a number of 3PLs interfaces, and we are committed to adding many more to the platform, either pro-actively or by request.

Onboarding with DataBot includes automated bot rules and scheduling configuration, end-to-end integration testing with your 3PL, and live rollout.

Let DataBot streamline your logistics and warehouse management with our rules driven bots, so you can benefit immediately from an integrated solution with your TradeGecko platform.

We plan on extending our platform further beyond 3PLs, to Trading Partners and Market Places this coming year, helping you scale your business. As you grow, you can be sure we will be there to support you.

A big THANK YOU, must go out to the team at TradeGecko for helping us with the integration. We look forward to welcoming TradeGecko clients to the DataBot platform.

Jan 2019

DataBot integrates to IFC Warehousing & Distribution

DataBot has started 2019 by adding another 3PL to its expanding platform. We are committed to adding many more 3PLs and IFC Warehousing & Distribution are the latest addition. They are a leading international freight logistic company, delivering first-class supply chain solutions and third party logistics services.

Clients who use the DEAR inventory management system or TradeGecko inventory management system now have a ready to go integration with IFC.

Sales Order Dispatch, Purchase Orders, Product Lists, Shipment Tracking updates and Purchase Order receipt updates into your inventory management system are amongst our standard workflows.

Your connection from TradeGecko or DEAR to IFC will be managed end-to-end, and will include onboarding, bot configuration, acceptance testing with IFC, and rollout.

Let us streamline your logistics and warehouse management by IFC, with our easily configurable bots so you can benefit immediately.

Nov 2018

Christmas Moratorium

DataBot understands the importance of package delivery around Christmas time. By special request from Santa and his team, DataBot will limit work on new functions and features, and instead, in the lead up to Christmas, focus only on system stability and performance improvements.

Jun 2018

DataBot Launches with DEAR integration and Two 3PLs

DataBot launches with it's first two clients, connecting their DEAR inventory systems with their third party logistic companies (3PLs), Pressworks and Coghlan Logistics.

Apr 2018

How DataBot started

New businesses start up all the time and often come to be from a casual chat over a coffee or even a beer or two. Well, that’s how it was for DataBot too. A long time friend at Coconut Consulting (, who provide Cloud Integration solutions in the inventory management as point of sales space, often found they had a gap in the solutions they were designing - there was no automated integration to their clients’ 3PL warehouses. This was a real bug bear which became a key frustration for them and their clients.

We decided to close this gap and DataBot came into being!

Our aim was to start with integrations to 3PLs from the DEAR inventory management system and add more inventory systems as we progressed.

We also planned to extend beyond 3PLs to Trading Partners and Market Places.

Our solution is an inspired one making onboarding possible through configuration alone. Our pricing is simple to understand and affordable, enabling all businesses, no matter what size or what stage of their growth journey they are at, to take advantage of 3PL automated integration to drive success to their business.