DataBot works with our clients to ensure that they get the most out of their Cin7 Core (formerly DEAR) inventory system implementation.


DataBot has an extensive suite of Cin7 Core integrations, including:
  • A large and growing set of supported 3PLs and WMS integrations (See below);
  • Comprehensive Cin7 Core sales order splitting and routing;
  • Automated back-order re-processing when new stock arrives;
  • Automated incoming stock and effective availability reports;
  • Cin7 Core Shopify integration extensions and enrichment;
  • Address/Locality validation for Cin7 Core sales orders;
  • Automated recurring order creation with flexible scheduling;
  • On demand Bill of Materials and Finished Goods Assembly;
  • Bulk creation and updating of Goods Assembly via spreadsheet instructions;
  • Automated updating of related Sales Orders / Purchase Orders;
  • Simplified product import into Cin7 Core - only import changes;
  • "Availability to Sell" reports, merging stock availability with incoming purchase orders;
  • Many Cin7 Core to Trading Partner and Marketplace integrations;
DataBot also has many other Cin7 Core integrations and automations to help you optimise your business workflows.

3PL Integrations

DataBot generally provides the following workflow integrations between Cin7 Core and the 3PL:

  • Send Sales Orders/Fulfillments from Cin7 Core to the 3PL
  • Send Purchase Orders (ASNs)
  • Send Stock Transfers (Both from warehouse and Into warehouse transfers)
  • Update Cin7 Core with 3PL Sales Order statuses (pick/pack)
  • Update Cin7 Core with PO Goods Received Notifications
  • Update Cin7 Core with Shipment Tracking information
  • Send full or modified product, supplier or customer lists
  • Send Commercial Invoice PDF files

Ease your 3PL relationship and potentially lower your fulfillment costs by removing inefficiencies.

  • Australian Address/Locality validation
  • Inventory level discrepancy reporting and syncing.
  • Support for bundles and bill of materials products. When a bundle product is ordered, DataBot can send the component products to your 3PL.

DataBot has pre-built integrations for the following 3PLs, WMSs, warehouses, freight forwarders, couriers and postal agencies:

  • 4Logistics
  • A2B
  • ADN
  • Australia Post
  • Axima
  • BeCool Couriers
  • Bergen Logistics
  • BR Logistics
  • BS3
  • Carroll's Transport
  • Cart Rover
  • CartonCloud
  • Coghlan
  • Crossdocks
  • Customised Freight Solutions
  • Cubic WMS
  • DeTrack
  • DirectMail
  • DispatchTrack
  • DT Oceania Services
  • EcoSam
  • EIF International
  • Emo Trans Global
  • Essential Warehousing
  • eStore
  • ETS
  • EWE
  • First Global Logistics
  • Fulfilio
  • Fulfilnet
  • FullGood
  • Fusion 3PL
  • FWR
  • Global Trade Services
  • GVI
  • Hemisphere Freight
  • Hi-Tec
  • Home Delivery Service
  • Howard Tenens Logistics
  • IFC
  • ILG
  • KTL
  • Landmark
  • Ligentia
  • Mainfreight
  • Mentor Media
  • MFLS
  • Mintsoft
  • Microlistics
  • Next 3PL
  • NRI Distribution
  • NP Fulfillment
  • OnGoing WMS
  • OptimoRoute
  • ShipStream
  • StashWorks
  • Summit
  • SupplyChain Solutions
  • TCF
  • TransportWorks
  • Tigers
  • TLC
  • TLogistics
  • TMS
  • TNS
  • uFrieght
  • United Carriers
  • V-Logic
  • Voigt
  • Williams
  • Whitebox SG
  • WLA

DataBot is experienced in adding new 3PL integrations based on client needs and as required, and using our tools and processes, can add additional 3PL integrations quickly and with minimal fuss.

Marketplace Integrations

DataBot has pre-built integrations for the following Marketplaces and Marketplace connectors:


  • Sellers Commerce platform, including The Iconic
  • Marketplacer platform, including Myer Marketplace, PBC Expo, Qantas Frequent Flyer Rewards Store
  • NuOrder
  • JOOR

Marketplace Connectors:

DataBot can add additional Marketplace integrations as required.

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